A young Sorceror seeking revenge for a tortured childhood.


An intelligent yet obsessed individual, Odwin is a wizard on the run. A wanton pyromaniac with an adventurous spirit, little keeps him from enjoying the simpler things in life — such as the crackle of a burning cinder. Paranoia streaks its way into his actions on occasion, but rarely does it interfere with his fun. He travels with his closest ally, a sentient spellbook of dubious origin.


“Order… Order… So who is this defendant, and what is his charge?” Asked the judge, reaching for his ale.

A scrawny man stood and straightened his vest. “His name is Odwin Ventner; Arson and Murder of his parents, Ven and Elsa.”

“Details. Give me details and more ale.”

“Well sir, it seems that this boy waited until his parents were asleep, snuck out, and then use this spell,” he explained, holding up a scorched parchment, “to start the fire to burn down his house with his parents inside.”

“Does the — BURP — ohha, defendant have anything to say?”

A boy, about 17 years of age, stood and began telling his side of the story. “Yes, I used the spell, and yes, I snuck out, but not the way he said it. I had been working with that spell for years to try to get it to work. Knowing how my father felt about magic, I worked on it in secret. The night in question, I finally got it to work and used it to start a fire in the fireplace. I was so excited that I went to see a girl that I am interested in to tell her that I finally got the spell to work, but couldn’t find her. By the time I got back home, the house was engulfed in flames. I was in shock when they found me.”

“I believe him.” said a man in a long robe in the back of the room.

“And who’re you?” the judge asked in an impassive tone.

“Gallin, Wizard of the North Wood. And I believe him. One, that spell is used to start small campfires and can only burn in a small area. Two, I was there when they found him and saw the look on his face. The look of one whose world has come to an end. And three, I saw it happen in this.” The Wizard held up a Divining Orb before him. “There was a bird building a nest in the flue, and that was what caused the fire. I tried to get to the house before the fire spread, but I was too late. I knew his parents, and am willing to take him in as my own unless there is some objection.” Now standing in the center of the room, the wizard turned to view the crowd.

# # # # # #

After a year of training, Odwin was getting comfortable in the role of a wizard. Making lights and sounds from nothing and levitating small rocks and sticks became second nature to him. However, Gallin was a tough teacher, and rather cold towards Odwin.

“You are learning faster than I had anticipated.” Gallin said to the boy one morning after a fruitful training session the night before. “Good. It is almost time for your own spellbook. First, you need to take a ride to town and get some paper and other supplies I need. Here is the list. Be back before nightfall, for there are dangers far greater than you might think in this forest.” Gallin gave Odwin the supply list, and sent him off just before midday.

His horse was acting strange and seemed skittish. Halfway down the trail, the horse became startled and threw Odwin off in the middle of the beaten road, knocking him unconscious. He awoke just as the sun was setting. There was a faint glow coming from deep in the forest. “Go home, or go towards the light?” Odwin asked himself, already deciding before he even finished his own question.

As he approached the light, he noticed a small room hollowed out of a tree. Along the walls, there were shelves covered with strange items, with one book in particular that seemed to be the source of the light. As he opened the book, the words on the first page seemed to dance and shift before his eyes. After a few moments, the words stopped moving, and began telling the tale of a story somehow familiar to Odwin.

“A boy was raised by a wizard after his parents were killed. This boy had a gift in adjusting spells to do more specific effects. This impressed the wizard, so he gave the boy a spellbook to write down his projects. For a few months, the boy worked hard on his spells. Then, just as he finished a memory spell to link himself to his spellbook, the wizards came and threw the boy to the ground. The wizard cast a spell the boy had never seen before. The boy cringed as he felt the life drain from his bones, and the last voice the boy’s ears heard was that of the Wizard Gallin … Run while you can, Odwin. Take me tonight, and run while you can.”

With that, he closed the book and, with just a moment’s thought, he picked up the book and a staff he saw leaning in the corner of the room, and left as fast as he could.

# # # # # #

“Well, well. It seems my prized pupil has decided to leave me. I suppose I will just have to track him down…” Gallin spoke into his orb. Then, after a second of thought, he added, “…maybe after my next pupil or two…”


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