The most current iteration of the God of Balance


Lifespan: Immortal
Status: Greater Deity
Portfolio: Balance, Good, Evil
Current Activities: Sending groups of heroes throughout time and space to dispatch many evil people and organizations in “recent” history.


Puck is the most current iteration of a long line of attempts to create a true God of Balance, a creation fashioned specifically to serve as a peacekeeper and power regulator between the major powers of the universe. Unlike many of his predecessors, Puck was given a much larger scale of “balance” to work with, resulting in less trivialities and less ways for the power shift to be problematic.

In his current form, Puck is an experimental power forged by the Greater Power of Good, The Emperor of Eternity, and the Greater Power of Evil, Dark Lord “Cookie”. He was born of a literal fusion of a fraction of each of their essences, intending him to be a perfect split of the forces of Good and Evil.

His personal domain reflects this sentiment, as all who visit his realm are brought to an infinite surface of checkerboard-like five-by-five-foot pillars of pure light and pure shadow. Also reflecting his domain as God of Balance, he has unfathomable prowess in the art of balancing others as well as himself, to the point where he “floats” in the air by literally balancing himself on a single particle of air, much to the chagrin of those who visit him.

It was determined that if Puck worked out as he was intended to, he would later be reformed with help from the Greater Power of Law, Death, and the Greater Power of Chaos, The Will of Aevernon. Because his realm is a creation completely devoid of the powers of Death or The Will, all who tread in his domain are, to a point, immortal, as well as elemental effects being completely unable to manifest there.

Puck has a penchant for randomly yanking Mortals into his realm as he sees fit, for use in his endeavors at balance in the universe. He has no qualms about disrupting any personal happenings, and despite his cheery demeanor and playful attitude, many in his service feel they are no more than a pawn in his schemes. This is, of course, completely true, for the machinations constantly playing out in his mind, one that can see through time, space, and possibilities as though they were nothing, would cripple the mind of any mortal he would try to indulge with so much information.

All things aside, it seems unlikely that he will ever reach his true potential as the Greater Power of Balance. One of his groups of “employees” has stumbled into the hands of Death, and he has divulged worrisome information that all is not quite right with the enigmatic deity…


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