Assassin's Amulet

An odd pendant from the leader of an Assassin's Guild...


This is a palm-sized amulet made of solid gold, with silver inlays moulded onto the surface.

It pictures a golden sunrise on the upper half of the amulet, above the horizon, with a moon and stars below the horizon on the lower half of the amulet.

The amulet appears to have some symbolic importance, but it is difficult to tell what it could be.


This strange pendant was found on the body of the leader of an Assassin’s Guild near the city of Sceldenia Velcia. The pendant originally went unnoticed when his body was searched, but was inexplicably found when Benjamin looked the guildmaster over.

On the back of the amulet, there is what appears to be dried blood spelling out an unfamiliar word. The writing has long since been worn and smudged to the point where it is no longer legible.

Benjamin is now in possession of the amulet.

Assassin's Amulet

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