Quintessential Quicksilver

An awesome shapeshifting material

weapon (melee)

A creation by the wizard Willimech; this ball of Alchemical Mercury will shapeshift into the form of any weapon that the wielder wishes. Dropping or releasing the weapon will immediately turn it back into its natural form, preventing its use as a ranged or projectile weapon.

It has recently been discovered to have a poisonous attribute associated with it.


The original Quintessential Quicksilver was a creation during a brief spurt of inspiration by Willimech, which eventually turned into the item being abandoned when it didn’t work quite the way it was intended. When a group of adventurers saved him from a mass of demons overrunning his tower, he bestowed it upon them (as well as a few other gifts from his storage of “failed experiments”).

Eventually, seeing the use it was put to by the adventurers in a short campaign to save his home city of Vetherneth from an infestation of Drakes, he decided to begin mass production of the objects, and turned quite a profit by them. Eventually, the items became widespread enough that several versions of it became showing up on each of the continents.

Through the manipulation of time travel, Odwin’s group came into possession of two of them, only to eventually lose one to the hands of the Vampire Grelth.

Quintessential Quicksilver

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