Ruby Amulet of Cerberus

To Burn Evildoers


This unusually-decorated amulet appears to be a large, flat ruby rounded off and housed in a thin gold frame.

However, contained within the amulet is what appears to be a miniature version of some type of canine skull.

The amulet repulses anyone of non-magical ability that attempts to pick it up.


Found in an elaborate dungeon in one of Odwin’s earliest adventures, he shortly discovered that this amulet actually housed the spirit of one of the heads of a cerberus. Taking a liking to Odwin, the cerberus agreed to travel with him and assist him as needed.

The amulet allows Odwin to summon a Hellhound for a few moments, but lately has started to flux magical ability a bit…

Ruby Amulet of Cerberus

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