Realms of Aevernon: Puck's Annotation

The Annotation of Puck
Realms of Aevernon

This story starts, as many do, with a small group of adventurers set out to do a simple task: quell a group of Gnolls who are raiding a local town for resources. The party, a Tiefling Paladin, a Human Sorceror, a Shadar-Kai Rogue, and a Human Warlord, quickly find that something a bit more devious is going on.

After a short raid, quickly repelled, they track the Gnolls to a system of nearby caves. Delving through them, they come upon trapped villagers that are quickly rescued, a group of Drow serving a dark Deity of grotesque origin, and a Cerberus guarding a doorway to the Land of the Dead, the Tattered Wastes.

The group, sucked through a portal and coming face-to-face with Death, after quickly dispatching of ghosts as a favor to the Greater Power of Law, are sent back to their home — or so was the plan. The remaining trio is instead brought to a bizarre checkerboard-style landscape, before the presence of an enigmatic being who eventually becomes known to them as Puck…


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