Dragons are among the most prominent, as well as the most feared, creatures on all of Aevernon. They have direct control over most aspects of nature, on top of their already terrifying raw strength and beastly stamina. Despite what some people may think, dragons are highly intelligent creatures overall. Though many dragons will spend the majority of their lifetimes asleep in hidden caves with their troves of treasure, while awake they will usually transform into the visage of a lesser species, and venture amongst them in crowded cities.

It should be warned, if a dragon ever appears before you in their natural state, it rarely means anything good for the people involved.


As with usual D&D guidelines, all creatures have an alignment which represents their ideology and general disposition. This is a generic chart detailing which alignment dragons usually fall into. This is not to say that a dragon cannot be of any alignment. This is merely the general predisposition of each of the draconic races.

Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Gold Dragons Bahamut Silver Dragons
Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Green Dragons Odomet Blue Dragons
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil
Black Dragons Tiamat Red Dragons

Native Territory

When Dragonkin first rose from the surface of Aevernon, each of the six Prime Dragons flew to the farthest reaches of the world in search for their ideal home to begin their brood. This entry details the environments that became each Color’s Native Territory; the type of land where they feel most at home, and where they hold a dominion over native species.

Gold Territory: Solace

The Gold Dragons found their home in the open plains of Solace. The wide and unobstructed territory allows the grace of Light to shine over the whole of the land. Their dominion grants them kingship over species native to open plains, such as wild horses, lions, bulls, buffalo, wild dogs, some forms of snakes, and other similar species. To an extent, Golds hold dominion over grasses, as well.

Green Territory: The Feywild

The Green Dragons favor the thick, lush forests of the continent of Feywild. Soft earth and overflowing plantlife mark the Green’s preferred territory. Their dominion grants them power over species native to woodlands, such as birdlife, large spiders, wildcats, foxes, bears, badgers, and other such creatures. To an extent, Greens also hold dominion over trees and ivies as well.

Black Territory: Riviera

The Black Dragons enjoy deep jungle and swamplands, the common conditions of the rainforest continent Riviera. Oddly poisonous plants and creatures, masked by beautiful colors, mixed amongst unique fruits and flowers mark this deceptive territory as perfect to Blacks. Their dominion grants them power over species native to swamps and rainforests, such as gorillas and apes, panthers, many forms of snakes, frogs, and lizards, larger reptiles, tropical birds, and most insects.

Silver Territory: Coldpeak

Windswept peaks and valleys, flowing fogs, mists, and clouds, and trickily flowing windways spark nothing but fun thoughts in the minds of the Silver Dragons, and so it is no surprise that the mountainous terrain of Coldpeak has become their favored home. Their dominion is not as potent as the other dragons, but they care little in the fact that they have much more freedom as well. They still lord over mountainous creatures such as goats, cougars, and constant-flight birds.

Blue Territory: Oceans

Blue Dragons hold one of the most widespread, yet one of the most restricted, territories of any of the other dragons. Where as they wind between and intertwine with all the territories of the world, they have no land to really call their own, and have no true home, marking blues as perpetual nomads. Despite this fact, their dominion is one of the largest amongst the Dragonkin, holding lordship over all forms of sea life, from the smallest of fish to the largest of whales. If it swims, breathes water, or lives on shore, a Blue holds power over it.

Red Territory: Desertlands

Red Dragons control warmth in all its forms, so it should come as no surprise that the lands devoid of moisture yet rich in heat or sorely lacking in it would be the territory of Reds in all their splendor. There is a large island off the south-eastern side of Destiny that marks the home of the Reds. It isn’t large enough to be considered a continent by any means, but is a gigantic floating desert. That, along with the large raking tract of desert that comes from that direction and claws its way through Destiny itself, stopping just a few hundred miles from Sceldenia Velcia, is the area where Reds are most likely to be found on all of Aevernon. Volcanic areas are also favored on occasion. They hold a fair dominion over several creatures, mostly lizards and camel-like beings, but they have no shortage of power in any respect.


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