The Dragoons are a caste of knights dedicated to fighting the one enemy most feared on the face of Aevernon: The Dragons. Elite warriors chosen from a young age based on criteria known only known by men who call themselves Gurus, the Dragoons train the entirety of their young lives in studying Dragons, perfecting techniques that play upon their weaknesses, and strengthening themselves in subtle ways to gain any advantage they can over their oft-larger, more powerful foes.

This page is about the society The Order of the Dragoon. For rules on the class, see Dragoon (Class). For rules on the sub-class, Dragoon Adjutant, see Dragoon Adjutant

History of the Dragoon

The history of the Dragoons is a long, sordid tale rife with treachery, betrayal, death, and honor.

It began in an age years unknown ago. After Bahamut, God of the Dragons, filled the world with others of his kind, he spent much of his time traveling the world, quelling the threats that any of his children posed, and trying to keep check the quickly-growing rage of the populous against the all-powerful reptiles. From time to time, the great Dragon would distance himself from the ever-prevalent duty he found himself forced into, and turn into the visage of a mortal being to spend a lifetime living amongst a quiet village here or there, reminding himself why it was so important to keep his spawn from running amok.

During one particular instance, the Dragon-God found himself enamored by a human woman who he had known for several years. After one night of passion, the Dragon found himself appalled by his own actions, bringing an innocent woman into his life when only pain could follow. He immediately set his resolve the very next morning, and left without a word, back to his tiresome duty. But the Dragon-God, without realizing it, had planted a seed that would soon shift the balance of power in Aevernon into a very curious place.

The Dragon had a son. When the boy was birthed some twelve months later, with shining purplish-silver scales dotting its body, the woman quickly realized the truth of the Dragon-Turned-Man, and spent her life raising her son, praising the fact that a God had chosen her to bear its son. The boy grew, watching his mother slowly begin to realize that she was not blessed as she thought, that it was no divine gift that was bestowed upon her, realized that it was only a chance meeting and circumstance. The boy, upon growing into a man, took the circumstances for what they were, and decided the Dragon-God may be more trouble than he was worth.

He spent years contemplating the Dragon-God. Though Bahamut had spent years, decades, centuries trying to keep his own kin in check, it was apparent by the state of the world that he was fighting a losing battle, if he had ever had any grip upon it in the first place. The man fumed, and researched, and studied any stories he could get his hands on about the Dragon-God and the creatures he had spawned. And that is what the man started to realize: Were it not for Bahamut, there would be no dragons terrorizing the world to begin with. All the mortal races would live in a state bereft of their inconvenient, and often fatal, interferences. Above the harming of his mother, above his supposed but ineffectual efforts of him to keep the dragons in line, above all else, Bahamut was the sole source of the most obvious plight of the world. And the man meant to make him pay.

He spent years hunting dragon after dragon, doing everything he could in an effort to stop their rampages. His heritage granted him tools to help overcome the threats the dragons posed. They were all merely practice. Dozens fell before him, and then, finally, the man found himself before Bahamut. And in short order, his rage and all his training and study and hardship all playing out together, the Dragon-God found itself dying at his feet.

Amazed that the man had overcome a feat that none others thought to even entertain, people of all the mortal races came to him, begging for him to train them as he had trained himself. He spent the next several years training all who sought him out, seeing many of them fail, but a might few making it to the tier necessary to call themselves dragon-slayers. Eventually, the queen of a rising nation, founded upon the birthplace of the man’s father, sought him out and granted him accolades, vying for him to come and create a formal school in their kingdom.

And so the man went, to a burgeoning human city known as Sceldenia Velcia, and found himself more pupils than he ever imagined. He brought his former students with him, and they helped train the new apprentices as best they could. And in the end, they all deferred to him, Othengard, the First Dragoon, and eventually, the Patron God of their order.

Dragoons in the Current Day

Dragoons, for all their popularity and hopeful trainees, is at its base a strict order. Many try their hand at the art of the Dragoon, but more than spirit matters when all is said and done. The Gurus go out among the land, find prospective disciples, train them for a time, then send them off to Sceldenia Velcia to be properly trained in the Dragoon lifestyle.

Their main (and only) base of operations resides in that magnificent city. They have training grounds both in, out, and underneath the city, while their main barracks is setup within the gleaming castle tower in the center of the city.

The Dragoons reside in the floor just one down from the rooming of the royalty and dignitaries, and act as a Royal Guard to the nobility of Sceldenia Velcia. Rarely will anyone with any clout in the city go about without an escort of three Dragoon at his side. For, while they are a force molded to fight Dragons, they are a powerful group, and hold much respect in the city, and in fact, over much of the world. Few would willingly cross a Dragoon, both for the sheer fact that it would be disrespectful for all they do for all the peoples around the world, and because the chances of survival would be slim at best.

Petitioning a Dragoon on behalf of a people plagued by obstinate Dragons is a commonplace thing. Nary a month goes by that a messenger isn’t sent to the Queen of Sceldenia Velcia, asking that a Dragoon or troupe be sent out to dispatch a troublesome Dragon that is harming the populace directly. And the Queen, understanding the role of her soldiers, gladly dispatches them as necessary. A missive is sent ahead by bird, describing the Dragoon or Dragoons sent to help, stating their rank, and assuring that whatever steps necessary will be taken to end their plight.

Dragoons, upon reaching the end of their formal training, are presented with an emblem of precious materials that is magically imprinted on his armor. This emblem represents their rank within the order, being modified and added to as they gain status. As such, a Dragoon’s most important object in the world is their armor. Without it, they cannot identify themselves as Dragoons, and even worse, anyone stealing said crested armor can impersonate a Dragoon at will, causing havoc within the order. Anyone caught impersonating a member of the Order of the Dragoon will be sentenced to death on the spot.

Dragoons and the Dragon Adjutant

Normallly, Dragoons are chosen from the select few that have “it”. The special property necessary to manifest itself as the various supernatural abilities that the Dragoon possess as a part of their livelyhood.

However, with tensions rising and the need for Dragoon increasing on a daily basis, there is now a sub-society working within the Order of the Dragoon. Known as the Dragoon Adjutant, this caste are warriors who worked their way up through the Velcian Guard in order to make a purchase to join the order.

The Dragoon Adjutants are treated as near-equals, gaining access to all rights and privileges that normal Dragoons are privy to, but in the same token, they are required to undergo all the same strenuous training as the Dragoon. Some are cut out for this role, others not. But, every man that can survive the oft-dangerous regimen will find himself with knowledge that most others can only dream of, and an enhanced combat prowess against dragons rivaling the Dragoon proper.

It should be noted that, though their training is extensive and congruous with the training that Dragoon receive, the Dragoon Adjutants are rarely sent out on missions against fully-grown Dragons, instead usually being tasked to handle issues dealing with Drakes and younger Dragons. For all intents and purposes, the Adjutants are the shock troops, whereas the Dragoon proper are the Special Forces.

Dragoon Training Regimen


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