Eagic (short for Eternal Magic) is the spellcasting system in Aevernon. It is called “Eternal Magic” because of the way that magical essence is generated in Aevernon. It comes from one of seven different sources directly, as well as small amounts being emitted by all living things. In essence, magic comes from one giant communal pool that all living things help to continuously fill, making it “eternal” in a sense.

Eagic, at its most basic form, is used as a catalyst for casting of Magic spells.

Internal Eagic

Internal Eagic is the kind generated within one’s own body.

Personal Eagic

Personal Eagic is generated on a constant basis by all living things. Because of this, all living things contain what is known as an Eagic Pool. This is an important part of spellcasting, as one’s Eagic Pool is used as a catalyst to activate the initial magical effects from all other Eagic Schools. When a person’s pool is spent, they are exhausted to the point where they can no longer generate the initial spark that starts off the chain-reaction culminating in the casting of a spell. The pool is gradually refilled, to the point where a full night’s rest completely refreshes a caster. When a user’s pool is completely filled, all their excess generated Eagic is radiated from their body, to be gathered and used by others.

Such is the case for all people, with a single exception: Bards. Bards have such an immense force of personality, most people think this is the sole source of their magical and musical prowess. This is actually not quite the case. The reason behind bards’ magical/musical abilities is the same reason why they have such a force of personality: Bards are born with an absurdly large Eagic Pool when compared to others. This allows them to manipulate and form magic in a way and to such a degree that no other spellcaster is able to; Their natural Eagic Pool is the source of their spells, and their proficiency with manipulating their excess (radiated) Eagic is the direct source of their magical songs.

Blood Eagic

Blood Eagic is a very specialized form of Internal Eagic. Where as Personal Eagic is generated directly by a single person, and radiated when their Eagic Pool is filled, Blood Magic is actually generated from the blood in the veins of the user. The Eagic itself is generated because of a clashing of two or more Dragon Blood types coursing through the veins of an individual. The friction of the two Bloods clashing with one another is what generates the Blood Eagic, and the Eagic Pool of Blood Magic is literally the blood in a person’s veins. There are cases where those without the proficiency to cast spells generate Blood Eagic, due to their heritage. The Blood Eagic still generates and pools as it normally would, but the energy itself is trapped within a person’s veins with no outlet.

External Eagic

Divine Eagic

Holy magic is a gift from the Gods. If you curry favor with the Gods, they will cast a shining aura over you, often what many refer to as a “holy glow”. This is the Eagic pool that many Clerics and Paladins pull from directly, an immense pillar of magic that siphons off of a God’s personal pool of Eagic.

Elemental Eagic

Spirit Eagic

Nature Eagic

Arcane Eagic


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