There are several large factions in the world of Aevernon. Many of them incite power plays on a regular basis, while others are fine with being more neutral presences in the world. Regardless of intent, all of them represent a significant grouping of people and their followers, and should be treated with respect.

Major Factions

Knights of Velcia

One of the largest factions of Aevernon in some senses, but the smallest in others. The Knights of Velcia are actually an umbrella faction that incorporates several distinct, smaller entities that work together harmoniously.p.

Velcia City Guard
Home Base: Sceldenia Velcia
Sphere of Influence: Sceldenia Velcia and outlying towns
Objectives: The Velcia City Guard’s only purpose is to protect the townsfolk of Velcia, one of the largest kingdoms in all of Aevernon. They rarely travel far outside of the city, but when they do, their presence is well-marked. There is a careful synergy with this faction and the city itself, as many of the members of Velcia’s branch military organizations are hand-picked from the City Guard. As such, higher-ranking positions are at a premium.

Velcia Vanguard
Home Base: Sceldenia Velcia
Sphere of Influence: Sceldenia Velcia
Objectives: Whereas the Order of the Dragoon work as the Royal Guards inside the city limits, the Vanguard are the elite bodyguard faction sent to protect peoples of import in their travels outside of the city. While they are relatively unknown outside the city limits, that does not mean they aren’t effective and efficient guardians.

Order of the Dragoon
Home Base: Sceldenia Velcia
Sphere of Influence: All known regions of Aevernon
Objectives: Primarily, their objectives involve preventing Dragons from interfering too heavily in mortal affairs.

Brotherhood of the Drakith
Home Base: Sceldenia Velcia
Sphere of Influence: Many of the more populous regions of Aevernon
Objectives: Their primary objective is to push diplomatic resolution between Dragons and the mortal races.

Order of the Druids

Home Base: All known regions of Aevernon
Sphere of Influence: All known regions of Aevernon
Objectives: The Order of the Druids seek peace between all forces of Aevernon. They represent the concept of “balance” in its purest form, focusing on the fact that many things — though gruesome — are necessary, but must be maintained in check, as all things considered good must also be. They commune in part with all servants of the Greater Powers, and play a major part in trying to counteract corruption of the natural world in all its forms.

Intermediate Factions

The Gypsies

Home Base: Varies; at least one minor base in every major city of Aevernon
Sphere of Influence: Small pockets of followers all over Aevernon
Objectives: The Gypsies are a nomadic tribe with complex ideals. They are mostly storytellers, so have some Bardic ties, but they also believe in a great cosmic balance, mimicking some behavior of Druids. But regardless of how they function, the major impact of their society is to pass down stories of powerful artifacts, and often times keep those artifacts that are just a bit too powerful out of use in the overall world, for fear that they might disrupt the balance of power too much. They have many influential friends throughout the world, but the society itself is seldom spoken of in the open. As part of an ancient credo, any members of the society are obligated to offer their services to another, if asked. The asker is often gracious enough to return a favor to the askee, usually in the form of useful magical objects.

The Forerunners

Home Base: Davvan Muir on Northeastern Destiny
Sphere of Influence: Northeastern Destiny through Northern Destiny
Objectives: The Forerunners are a group of Rangers that act as couriers and messengers in Northern and Northeastern Destiny, spreading news and assisting those in need that they encounter. They work a year-long circuit, usually in small cells, bringing the most current pieces of news to smaller villages that would otherwise be left out of the loop. They also have a penchant for escorting civilians between villages, where travel may be dangerous for those unfamiliar with the ways of the natural world.

Black Derrish

Home Base: Formerly a hideout in the lands outlying Velcia, now Southeastern Destiny
Sphere of Influence: Primarily Southeastern Destiny, but their influence spreads a little more each day
Objectives: An all-female spy network, the Black Derrish only have one objective, which is to gather as much information as they can, and sell it to whoever will pay. They are not killers, nor are they thieves. The only currency they deal in (besides money itself) is information, though they will go to any lengths short of murder to get what information they can. As their influence spreads, they clash more and more with Assassin Guilds and Thieves Guilds who see the Derrish as stepping on their turf.

The Council of Versuss Neth

Home Base: Versuss Neth on Western Destiny
Sphere of Influence: Most of Destiny, major cities on other continents
Objectives: The Council are those residing over the great Mage City of Versuss Neth. It is said that the first mortal wizards founded their power on the spot this city now rests, in a massive vale hidden deep in a large mountain range. The most powerful wizards in the world come to Versuss Neth to train and study and have great conferences with those of like mind. It is also home to the only formal Wizard Academy, and as such, every wizard of notable power has studied there at some point in time. The council itself works with the leaders of all the nations of the world to ensure fair treatment of mages, and to attract as many new and promising students as possible.

Disciples of the Dragon Gods

Just like in human societies, where people join the orders of clerics and paladins to devote themselves to the ideals of their chosen god, dragons also have orders dedicated to upholding the ideals of their deities. Also just like human societies, very few dragons actually feel dedicated to the cause enough to actually dedicate their lives in such a way.

Knights of the Platinum Dragon
Home Base: Unknown
Sphere of Influence: Varies, depending on current operation
Objectives: The primary objective of the Knights of the Platinum Dragon are to follow the tenets of Bahamut, primarily counteracting Tiamat’s forces at work.

Servants of the Dark Queen
Home Base: Unknown
Sphere of Influence: Varies, depending on current operation
Objectives: The Servants are followers of Tiamat, working to bring about the resurrection of the Dark Queen’s physical form, as well as making a play to conquer the world in the name of their Goddess.

Initiates of the Blue Tome
Home Base: Unknown
Sphere of Influence: Varies, depending on current operation
Objectives: The Initiates are followers of Odomet, the Dragon-God of knowledge and understanding. Their primary objectives are to monitor the world, for various reasons, but also to transfer thoughts and ideas between different people and organizations, as well as push for diplomatic ties between all races and civilizations.

Minor Factions

Oberon’s Children

Home Base: The deeps of the Feywild
Sphere of Influence: The Feywild, small pockets of followers all over Aevernon
Objectives: A sect of overzealous Elves, they live deep in the most inhospitable wilds of the eastern continent, the home of the Elves. Many would think them Druids, but they work pacts with fey and other more ethereal beings, inciting sinister magics against those they see as lesser, undeserving beings. They are hostile towards any they see using powers they believe are undeserved, and won’t hesitate to turn against other Elves if they fear they are getting out of line. Their sphere of influence is small, and many believe them a mere fairy tale — as ironic as that is — but all Elven children are taught the stories, and made to be wary of the deep woods and the stuff of dreams living within.

The Lorerunners

Home Base: Unknown
Sphere of Influence: The Bardic community
Objectives: A group of Bards that have an innate precognitive ability to sense just where and when a major event in history will happen. They use this ability to make sure they’re there to see something important first-hand, to be able to make a great song or story out of it later. Usually, they arrive ahead of schedule, use advanced magicks to make themselves almost completely undetectable by all means, and then watch from the sidelines as the events play out. They have an almost god-like presence in the Bardic world, and many aspire to one day be part of their ranks.


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