A group of Rangers that make their home in Davvan Muir ā€“ or, that is to say, as much of a home there as they do the outlying regions.

The Forerunners are a fairly new organization that provides a unique service in the area. They start their journey, always, in their central base in Davvan Muir. They spend a few days, even as much as a week, gathering local news and sharing it amongst the group. Then, to a one, each of them leaves the city and branches out (occasionally in small groups, but usually alone) around the countryside, visiting each of the small villages and communities, spreading the major news from the large city, and collecting other interesting tidbits as they travel. Each takes a specified route that has been planned out far in advance, and the journey has been plotted so that each may spend a few short days in each stop along their journey, turning back and circling towards the city, so that their journey takes nearly three weeks to the day. When all of the Forerunners make it back to base, they exchange the news they had gathered from their individual journeys, and start the process over again.

Most would say that the Forerunners are merely newsmen, but that would be a grave understatement to the importance of their organization. They coury important messages and packages, escort peoples from one town to the next, and as part of their creed, help procure the safety of any travelers they meet along the way. They are the diplomats between the natural world and those peoples who know no better, they are the protectors of those in need, and they often play the part of currying favor to the leaders of larger cities on behalf of the small villages that cannot defend themselves if any major power were to threaten them.

So, if out and about on travels, should you ever cross paths with a Forerunner, give them your blessing, share with them your meal, and wish them well, for remember that those thoughts empower the Forerunner and are transferred in actions to all those that helpsā€¦ which may be you one day.


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