Gods are the divine Deities in the Aevernon universe. They are servants of Good, and are separated into two distinct groups: Beings created by The Light, or mortals who ascended into Godhood through one way or another.

Gods of Creation

The Gods of Creation are a specific subset of Gods, specifically those that had a direct hand in creating one or more of the mortal races. They are beings created with a divine purpose.

Moradin Soulforger — Progenitor God of Dwarves

Garl Glittergold — Progenitor God of Gnomes

Corellon Larethon — Progenitor God of Elves

Yondalla — Progenitor Goddess of Halflings

Gruumsh — Progenitor God of Orcs

Bahamut — Progenitor God of Dragons

Ascendant Gods

The Ascendant Gods are the rest of the Gods, those who ascended to Godhood by one of several ways, such as exemplifying a domain that no God has laid claim to yet. Here is a small list of some of the Ascendant Gods of Aevernon.

Flagharn — God of Travel and Adventure.
His portfolio originally belonged to Yondalla, but she passed it on to him in order to shift her domain to be closer to the rest of her flock.

Ten-Veins — God of Stories, Fables, and Historic Retellings.
He was originally a Bard cursed to be part of a doorway. Nine others were cursed in a like manner, combining their consciousnesses into a single being before being set free.

Gem Of The Night — God of Curiosity, Revenge, and Liberation.
Once known as Eladamri Lokiir, he was an Elven Rogue of no small fame. He spent most of his time liberating magical items from sealed vaults, and putting them into proper use.

Moon Shadow — Goddess of Thieves and Spies.
Formerly known as Shilandra Cuth, she used the power of stolen secrets and blackmail to spread her influence over the world. Formed the infamous Black Derrish spy network.

Erath Silver — God of War, Conquest, and Strategy.
A king and brilliant military commander who founded three kingdoms and led them to twenty-seven different wars. Most see him as a tyrant, but he was a benevolent king who fought his wars for the sake of the well-being of his people.

Silver’s Knight — God of Loyalty and Honor.
In life, he was a knight serving under Erath Silver. He was a brilliant tactical genius, and brought out Erath’s potential as a strategist. Pledged his life to his king, and killed himself shortly after Erath’s demise.


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