Greater Powers

In Aevernon, as in many other places in the universe, and even in other universes as well, there exist four Greater Powers that hold dominion over all. The powers, evenly balanced, hold their own dominion separate, yet intertwined, with the others. These being, immortal and nigh-allpowerful are sometimes said to even exist as the same beings with the same power through all universes that exist.

That being said, because of their place in the universe and that of their subordinates, the vast majority of mortals don’t know that these Greater Powers exist at all… at least, not in a physical form. Most see them as abstract concepts, and don’t really understand them for what they truly are.

The Greater Good: The Emperor of Eternity

The Emperor is a benevolent, if somewhat ambivalent, person. He is the sole source of Light in the universe, a grand being sewing the seeds of life throughout everything he touches. He created the concept of The Gods in order to manage the smaller goings-on in the world while he managed bigger issues beyond their scope.

The Realm of Light, the domain of the Gods, is known as the Eternal Plains, and exists on what mortals know as The Sun.

The Greater Law: Death

Death, for being the morbid being holding dominion over the most dismal of realms he is usually portrayed as, is actually a rather light-hearted and easy-going fellow. This is not to say he shirks his duty in any way: He, being the epitome of Law, focuses entirely on his job of ferrying souls to the afterlife, but he also knows how to relax when he needs it. He created beings known as Spirit-Legions, groups of dead souls not ready to pass on and willing to help Mortals in need, in order to be his envoy between his realm and the Material Realm.

The Land of the Dead, the dominion of the Spirit-Legions, is known as the Tattered Wastes, and exists parallel to the Material Plane.

The Greater Chaos: The Will of Aevernon

The Will of Aevernon is a somewhat incorrect term for what this being truly is. She is the essence of the Elements that exists anywhere in the multiverse. More correctly, she is often referred to as just The Will, for she exemplifies the means to overcome what would otherwise be a well-defined, boring, binary existence… the Will To Live, as it were. The reason she is known as The Will of Aevernon, is simply because her currently-known embodiment is that in relation to Aevernon. She created the Elementals to be beings of passion to guide others out of the all-too-steady hand of Death.

The Elemental Planes, the dominion of all Elementals in existence, are known individually as The Blazing Core, The Sunken Depths, The Unbroken Earth, and The RazorGale Sky; each of these realms exists either above or below the Material Plane.

The Greater Evil: Dark Lord “Cookie”

The Dark Lord is a being that has gone by an infinite amount of names over the course of the eternity that he has existed, words often-times enough to make grown men faint at mere mention. The name he goes by shifts and wanes by any number of circumstances, with “Cookie” being just yet another in line. He is a creature of pure, unrestricted evil; most do not care to realize how deep the dark depths go, yet “Cookie” sleeps soundly on thoughts that most would see as nothing but the stuff of nightmares. He is the source of all that is foul, dark, and evil in the world, a being of pure corruption in every sense of the word, and has created both the Shades and Deivos to do his bidding.

The Dark Lord holds domain over two separate realms, though both are directly connected in a way that is often hard to distinguish.
The Realm of Darkness, the dominion of Shades and all other Creatures of Shadow, is known as the Shadowspring, and exists parallel to the Material Plane.
The Realm of Corruption, the dominion of Devils, Demons, and all other Fiends, is known as the Darktouched Soil, and exists on and in what mortals know as The Moon.

Greater Powers

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