Magic is a fundamental source of power in the world of Aevernon, fueled by an energy known as Eagic. Magic itself is broken up into several different categories, depending upon the style and use of the magic.

Offensive Magic

Offensive Magic is a type of magic used to damage and hinder enemies. Very straightforward in its use, this type of magic can come in many varieties, and almost every schooling of magic is made primarily of these types of spells.

Examples: Fireball, Magic Missile, Thunderstorm

Curative Magic

Curative Magic is a type of magic used to heal injuries and cure allies of any variety of ailments. A subschool of this magic includes spells useful against Undead, disrupting their connection to the physical realm, and, in a manner of speaking, “curing” the “ailment” of Undeath.

Examples: Cure Moderate Wounds, Remove Disease, Disrupt Undead

Conjurative Magic

Conjurative Magic is a type of magic that summons creatures, objects, and even effects into the presence of the caster. Many practitioners mistakenly believe that this school creates something out of nothing, but in the case of spells such as Create Water, it merely draws the water from the nearest available source and brings it to the caster.

Examples: Summon Monster I, Conjure Food And Water, Summon Spirit

Compulsative Magic

Compulsative Magic is a type of magic that affects the mind of others. It can be used to make someone more friendly, cloud the mind of an enemy, or limit someone’s ability to sense something. What many people don’t know is that some spells of this sort can also be used to a beneficial effect for allies.

Examples: Charm Person, Detect Lies, Mind Blank

Enchantive Magic

Enchantive Magic is a type of magic that bestows beneficial effects onto a person or object. Spells that shield from damage, increase abilities, and enhance damage fall into this category. Spells that counter and remove these and similar effects are also contained here.

Examples: Bull’s Strength, Magic Weapon, Bless

Binding Magic

Binding Magic is a slightly different sort of magic from all the others. It is used to tie various effects to an object on a more permanent basis. Binding magics come primarily in three tiers.

Lesser Binding

Attaches a spell to an object that can be activated at a later time; different from some Enchantments in that the associated spell will become usable again in time, instead of being spent outright. Items such as a Broach Of Shielding or Necklace Of Fireballs are created this way. One of the most popular uses of Lesser Binding is to create a Spellstoring Object.

Intermediate Binding

This stronger style of binding allows one to affix an object with energies equivalent to an unintelligent beast. Most items of this type are equipment that augment abilities and allow the use of triggered effects, but users will feel certain low-level compulsions according to whatever was attached to the item. This is also the level of binding used to create minor undead.

Greater Binding

This is the highest form of binding known. It allows one to bind the spirit of any being to an object. This kind of binding will usually attach many of the being’s powers to the object as well, creating an object of immense power. While there are some who use this power for good intentions, the vast majority of it’s uses are at least vaguely evil. The most well-known use of this kind of magic is the binding of a Lich’s soul to its Phylactery.


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