Sceldenia Velcia

The capital city of the continent of Destiny, this large and fascinating town was founded on the crater of what is believed to be where the Gods first came to Aevernon, as well as the birthplace of Bahamut.

The city was made up of a combined esthetically effort by all of the major races of the world, coming together to make a city completely unique and absolutely breathtaking to behold.

Beneath the castle at the center of city, resting in the base of the crater itself, is a huge temple dedicated to the Deities of Creation, the largest known temple in all of Aevernon. Rising above the temple and the crater, the castle itself is a dizzyingly tall structure, set with a crystal the size of a house at its crown.

This city is the home of the Order Of The Dragoon, who house themselves in the castle proper, acting as a royal guard of the city.

Sceldenia Velcia

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