Sigurd is a militaristic city resting high on the Mountain of Sig, overlooking its rival city of Vetherneth.

Sigurd was founded shortly after a man banished himself from the city of Vetherneth for unspeakable crimes he wished to distance himself from and forget about. He occupied a large cavernous complex within the side of the mountain, and slowly over time began to carve it out and build his city within.

The city itself is divided into two districts, known as “plates”. The lower plate is where most of the working force and peasants live. The upper city mostly houses the royalty, as well as upper-class citizens. Most people think this distinction is purely class-based, however, it’s more of a convenience-based separation. Because the factories reside on the bottom plate, it makes sense for those working in the factories to reside there. On the flip side, the upper area is home to many places of business as well as the palace, so the upper-crust reside there.

Nevertheless, being the militaristic city that it is, far more soldiers live on the top plate than any other distinct group of citizens. They are often hired out to cities in many parts of the world to bolster war efforts, keeping in line with the traditions passed down from the founder of the city, as he was the leader of a mercenary unit.


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