The House of Seven Suns

The House of Seven Suns is the ruling body in the kingdom of Riviera. It represents a long lineage of noble blood, the longest in the kingdoms of the Halfling, modeled in homage of the powers they serve.

The rules governing the house are very strict. For a king to pass on his dynasty to his children, he must follow a long line of laws set forth from the first generations of the house. From the time of his ascension to the throne, the king is crafted a crown with seven pips with room for seven jewels below them. On each pip there is a design for each of the eight main phases of the moon, save the New Moon. The king is tasked with fathering seven sons to age, and granting them a title and position associated with each moon phase.

Traditionally, the sons are granted titles in order of birth, as well as a crown of their own representing their position. Traditionally, the eldest son would take the First Crown, the Waning Gibbous, and be granted the roll of Advisor, going in line until the Seventh Crown, the Full Moon, being granted to the youngest son and Heir Apparent to the king.

First Moon, Waning Gibbous: Advisor to the Seventh Moon
Second Moon, Lost Quarter: Military Advisor
Third Moon, Waning Crescent:
Fourth Moon, Waxing Crescent: Religious Advisor, future Moonlight Annointer
Fifth Moon, First Quarter: Guard Captain to the Seventh Moon
Sixth Moon, Waxing Gibbous: Hand to the Seventh Moon
Seventh Moon, Full Moon: Heir Apparent

On occasion, however, kings have been known to purposely switch the crowns of their sons, when they notice qualities better fitting than the one their birth order has given to them. Often, sons with a quick mind who are under a crown of a warrior position will be given the seat of Advisor in place of their older brother. Of course, the opposite is also true, with a stronger and more physically adept son being given the role of Guard Captain over a weaker brother. This practice has become more common of late, but is still a fairly uncommon event.

The vast majority of the time, the kings succeed in this endeavor, and fathers seven sons to take over his dynasty. However, on two occasions, a king was unable to do so. Whenever a king fails to father seven sons before reaching his deathbed, all of his children and wife (or wives) are slain in order to avoid wars of succession. In his stead, word is sent out to each of the major noble families and caravan leaders, and a vote is given by all said lords to name a new king, as well as all of his positions filled. As has been the case so far, the richest caravan puts forth a king, with the second-most influential caravan providing an advisor, and so on down the line of caravans.

[Eight Moon, New Moon]

The succession from Seventh Moon to King can happen in one of three ways. The first, and least common, is for the king to die in office and immediately pass his throne off to his son. The second way is for the king to be killed by his son, however this is a difficult and rare endeavour, as all of the other Six Moons are still loyal to their father, the King, above all else, and such actions can foster distrust and disloyalty between brothers after succession. The third, and by far most common form of succession, is for the Seventh Moon to reach his Half-Years Mark, which is the birthday of his fiftieth year of life. As Halflings commonly live to be one hundred years old, this allows the new king half of his life to bear his new dynasty and serve in time.

The House of Seven Suns

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