A city that sits nestled at the base of Mount Sig, in the Halcath Mountain Range in Western Destiny. The city itself has a long and sordid history, and is rumored to have a long spread of man-made tunnels carved underneath, housing magical beings and contraptions of untold strength.

The city itself is divided into several districts, from the Merchant, to Housing, and the Palace distract as well as the Docks. The city is moored on a very small lake, with a river running from it to connect to Full Moon Bay, one of the more curious attractions of this part of the world.

The grand city was built up from virtually empty farmland by a pauper named Nether, who worked his way up to amassing a large fortune that he used to construct his kingdom by hand.

It is the neighboring kingdom, as well as political and military rival, of the city of Sigurd.


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